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Get Organized 2 Get It Done!

Did you know? We spend 80% of our time using 20% of the things we own!

My priority is to help you feel comfortable -- information shared between us will be kept strictly confidential


I will conduct a needs assessment to analyze your situation, then suggest a strategy to address your issues.  It will be tailored to your personal needs and preferred style.


Together, we will agree on a plan of action to clear the clutter and create an individualized system to organize your home, classroom, office, or schedule.  Contact me to get started.

Did you know? We lose about an hour each day from being disorganized -- that's over two weeks a year!

You may choose to work with me in one or a combination of ways:


  • For a one-time fee, have me prepare a step-by-step plan that describes your organization issues and how to address each one yourself.


  • On an hourly basis, I will work with you side-by-side on individual organization tasks.


  • On a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, I will be available to you for phone and/or email coaching as you tackle your organization issues.


  • For a one-time fee, I will visit with you in person for a face-to-face "check-up" on your organizing progress, providing coaching and guidance for next steps.


Will you see results?  Absolutely!  Just take a look at the results my clients have achieved.

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