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If it's not used often, it can become a catch-all, much like your basement or attic.  If it's used constantly, it can become a wreck that serves many purposes but never seems to feel as comfortable as you'd like.  If it's an eyesore from clutter, you may be embarrassed to invite friends or family to visit.  Tips posted here are intended to help you settle on how you would like to use your living room, then organizing to make it happen.

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Is it time to take another look at your living room?  If it's true to its name in your home, the living room is where you and your family for quality time together.  If it's not as pleasant and comfortable as you'd like, follow these steps to get started creating the space you really want it to be:

1.  While looking around the living room, ask yourself what kinds of activities you and your family would like to have in this space.  Invite your family members to join you in a conversation about this.

2.  Make a list of the activities you and your family members suggest, then sort through the list to find identify activities that may not belong.   Here's a sample list:

- watch TV

- play video games

- play board games

- eat snacks

- read books and magazines

- host sleepovers

- entertain guests

Among the listed activities, there are several that are generally lively and require a variety of equipment, and there are several that are generally quiet and require comfortable seating and good lighting.

3.  Consider locating different types of activities in different spaces in your home.

4.  Confirm which activities you'll keep in your living room, then make another list of the items you'll need in that space for those activities.  For example, if you and your family agree that the living room should be the location for family activities like reading, playing board games, and hosting guests, your list will include shelving and drawers or bins for the books, magazines, and games, suitable furniture, and bright lighting.

5.  Remove items from your living room that are not related to the activities you agreed for that space.

6.  Arrange furniture, lighting, and materials, and plan for some time to begin to enjoy your newly organized space!

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February is Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month, time to take a serious look at your living room, family room, rec room, or any room in your home with a sofa, couch, divan, love seat, settee, or davenport. Clean up, get organized, and pull that couch out from the wall to freshen up your room arrangement. Here's how:


1. Clean up. Translated, this means removing all the clutter that accumulates in this oft-used room as well as giving the room a good cleaning, top to bottom. For step-by-step living room cleaning tips, visit


2. Get organized. Divide the clutter into "keep," "donate" and "toss" categories, and remove the donate and toss items right away. Of the items you'll keep, decide which will remain in the living room and which belong somewhere else in your home. Take things that don't belong to the rooms where they do, leaving you with just the furniture and other décor you want to keep in your living room. For a more detailed set of steps, see the Get Organized article on how to "live" in your living room.


3. Pull your sofa off the wall. Now it's time to get creative! To find a living room arrangement that suits your lifestyle, from cottage to Mediterranean, active to quiet and subdued, visit HGTV's living room design guide.


Share here how you pulled your sofa off the wall.

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