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Not only does your kitchen need to be a clean place to prepare and eat meals, it should be a well organized place where you can find what you need when you need it.  Good kitchen organization helps maximize safety, too, in one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the house.  Tips posted here aim to maximize the comfort and pleasure you find in your kitchen.

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Are you a plastics collector?  Do you have plastic storage containers piled, stuffed, and scattered everywhere, so that it's difficult to find the right size at the right time with the right lid?  It's time for a quick pick-and-purge:

1.  Gather all the plastic storage containers and lids you can find in your kitchen and pile them on a table or counter for easy access.  You may want to bring in containers you find in other rooms as well if they have wandered away from the kitchen over time.  Other family members may be perfect assistants for this process, too.

2.  Purge any containers that are obviously damaged (burned, cracked, warped, etc.).  Purge any lids that have similar damage.  "Purge" means throw away - no excuses!

3.  Match the remaining containers with their lids.  If a container doesn't have a matching lid, you have three choices:  use it for a purpose that doesn't require a lid, purge it, or give it away.

4.  With the remaining sets of containers and lids, find a storage space in your kitchen that will hold all.  I recommend finding a space near your food preparation area, a place where you'll likely be looking for a plastic storage container while working in the kitchen.  Many containers nest or stack very nicely, so look for opportunities to save space as well.

5.  As you begin to use your newly organized storage containers, you'll probably make some minor adjustments to your nesting, stacking, and storage arrangement.

6.  Enjoy a better organized kitchen!

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From Elaine on 7/21/2009:


I recently took a day off from work to be at home while contractors worked a long day in my kitchen. I knew I would be working in my home office all day, and I also knew that I would not have access to the fridge or sink all day.

In addition to preparing the room for the workers, I gathered what I would need to "survive" without the kitchen all day: freezing ice packs overnight, then packing a large cooler with food and beverages enough for the day (including condiments like salad dressing, sweetener, and creamer), as well as some utensils, paper towels, plates, glasses and a favorite mug. I set up a coffee machine in my home office (it may stay - what a convenience!) and pulled out meals and snacks throughout the day, never bothering the workers as they completed their tasks.

Not only did I get a lot of work done at home, I didn't feel terribly inconvenienced without access to my kitchen!

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From Elaine on 8/7/2009:

With my household budget getting tighter, I have recently returned to a habit I left behind long ago - using coupons for grocery purchases (and more!). My primary source for coupons in the past was the "supplement" section of the Sunday paper, a plastic-wrapped collection of sale and discount flyers, including one or several booklets of coupons good at all the major grocery stores. Now, I've added online coupon "clipping," finding great offers at the web sites of those brands I still feel loyal to (examples: kraftfoods(dot)com, quakeroats(dot)com). I also go to more general web sites, grocery list in hand, to find coupons I can apply to my list:- where else but coupons(dot)com?

But I shop for more than food necessities, and I like to find the lowest prices and best deals on practically everything I buy. So, I've begun to search online for promotion codes and online offers for most everything. There are many sites that cover the landscape of product deals. A few examples (just add the dot-com ending): couponcabin, retailmenot, fatwallet, and promotionalcodes.

Sometimes I feel hurried to get the shopping done, but I've found that by taking a few minutes to find some coupons or promotion codes, I can save big bucks!

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Is it no longer fun to raid the refrigerator because you can't find what you're looking for?

Is your refrigerator so crowded that you suspect that there may be something blue and furry growing at the back?

Do you sometimes buy duplicate food and beverages because you don't know what you already have in your pantry?


If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, it's time to organize your refrigerator and pantry. Tackling both of these areas at the same time has advantages:

• You'll get rid of the expired, stale, and unused items all at the same time;

• You'll get a better idea of what you have and what you need for your next grocery trip; and

• You'll establish an organization system for both places - as well as a system for maintaining them.


The Housekeeping Channel provides six quick tips for organizing your refrigerator. All of them apply to the pantry as well:

1. Purge. Get rid of the stale, spoiled, and unidentifiable items.


2. Make it shine. Take one shelf and drawer at a time, and give your fridge and pantry a thorough cleaning.


3. Group 'em. Put like things together so you can see what you have.


4. Give 'em a home. If you have children, create and label a container for each child that holds acceptable snacks to choose between meals.


5. Give 'em a good home. Keep items in clear plastic containers with tight-fitting lids to save space, keep foods fresher, and help you see what you have and how much is left. Where appropriate, add labels with expiration dates.


6. Give 'em the same home. Identify a place to keep each type of food in your fridge and pantry, and teach your family members where the foods belong. Teaching everyone to maintain the organization plan will minimize the return of clutter and crowding.

Need more inspiration?  Let Susan Stewart show you how to organize your fridge and pantry.


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I often get sample menus from restaurants that would like me to order from their carry-out or delivery menus. I also get menus and offers when I receive delivered meals (pizza, Chinese, etc.).


So, I now keep a carry-out/delivery offer folder in my kitchen. When I receive a new menu or offer, I write the month and year on the outside (so I can keep track of how current it is) and put it in the folder.


I also glance through the folder at the older items. If there's one from the same place from which I just received a new menu or offer, I throw out the old one.


I also throw out menus that are over a year old. That way, the folder is never filled with expired offers or menus with old prices.

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Trying to lose weight but not making progress? In spite of your good intentions, your kitchen may be part of the problem. Use these tricks to make some changes and get your diet back in gear:


Store temptations out of reach. Seeing food, especially your favorite treats and snacks, makes you feel hungrier. If you must keep your favorite diet-busters in your home, store them on a difficult-to-reach shelf, out of sight. You'll reach for them less often and save calories.


Convert super-size to snack-size. Buying bulk food can save you lots of money, but once large-capacity bags, cans, and boxes are opened, it's easier to eat quantities much larger than a serving size. When you buy in bulk, re-package it as soon as you bring it home into serving size portions. Then, when you reach for your favorite foods, they'll already be in the right proportion for your diet.


Downsize plates and glasses. The larger the plate or glass, the more likely you are to fill it with your favorite foods. By using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate, you have less room and are more likely to consume fewer calories.


Turn on the lights. When the lights are low, we're more likely to eat more, so turn on the lights, open the shutters, and serve meals in a bright kitchen.


Go blue. The color blue helps to suppress feelings of hunger. Choose shades of blue for your kitchen makeover, and avoid red and yellow, which can increase your appetite.


For more diet-friendly kitchen organizing tips, link to Mark Rubi's Diet Tips 101.


Get Organized 2 Get It Done!

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